Welcome to India’s first Newborn, Infant and Toddler Wellness Service at your door-step. The first-of-its-kind focus in Hyderabad, India, “Molly Coddle” approaches supporting, upgrading and propelling the turning points and intellectual improvement in infants and newborn children, by offering doorstep stand-out restrictive bundles for massage techniques and unwinding medicines that attention on babies.
Our point is to encourage newborns to unwind and restore with our uniquely planned therapy that gives attention to enhancing rest quality, recovery of tissues and general unwinding for the newborn children. It is an interesting holding background for the family overall.

Our Vision

 Endow Expecting Mothers, Newborn & Infants with essential “Health Wellness Therapies” that stimulate the senses and intellect, by blending traditional & contemporary practices to nurture & enrich the mother-baby bonding under the guidance of experts in a homely environment.

Our Visionary Lady

 Who learned, researched and understands better over the period of time about pregnancy, motherhood and baby better than a mother could analyse.
Our visionary Ms Suneetha G is qualified and professional in the health & wellness sector as well as an Infant massage trainer from the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). Through her personal experience, she understands very well how overwhelming it can get for a mom – struggling with her pregnancy, new motherhood, newborn’s sleep schedule, eating habits, and fussiness with adjusting to routines.
Ms Suneetha G addressed the situation by giving us “Molly Coddle – we love and we care”, which is the unique concept on its own, where she communicates with the “Language of love – the touch”, this care is extended to your doorstep to make it more valuable and to comfort both parents and child.